Economic empowerment is controversial. Particularly in Africa, it has been called many names. And particularly in Africa, many economic empowerment programs instituted or granted have been subject to abuse. But the principle of instigating economic empowerment programs remains sound. One of the lessons learnt from these mostly foreign-run programs is that there is no longer any such thing as a free lunch. Tragically, and still to this day, donor funded programs never reach the intended recipients.

They go into the pockets of those corrupt officials that have been given Africans in general such a bad name. fortunately, those days are coming to an end. People who well and truly deserve a kick start in life are being given a chance to do so. This is no longer a case of easy hand me outs and of course, there are no more free lunches. This, really is how economic empowerment really works. Rather than provide the less privileged (and the corrupt) with ready cash that they are not yet knowledgeable with in terms of its proper use, they are being given the tools, the hardcore and material tools they need to start up their own small business.

It is called micro-funding up to a point. And yes, the recently empowered entrepreneur will have been supplied with something in the form of what is known as seed capital. This is an apt name when you think of it because in many cases there are many African women out there still wishing to tend their arable land as subsistence farmers. Perhaps they believe that there is a market for their produce. And self-belief is something that already puts the recently empowered entrepreneur on something of a sound footing.

economic empowerment programs

Economic empowerment does work. It’s just a question of channeling it through the right hands.